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Re: [RC] CRI's - Truman Prevatt

There has always been some discussion in SEDRA back when I was on their board about how best to give points CRI on a CTR. In SEDRA ride every horse goes through the same stress theoretically - which is the theory behind CTR. In SEDRA rides all horses have to trot the last 1/4 of a mile. All horses are given a CRI at exactly 10 minutes. A few years ago the issue of can hand held heart monitors be used - we contacted Kerry Ridgeway who adapted the CRI to endurance rides to discuss his thoughts on it. Several good veterinarians - including several experienced endurance vets and well respected academic vets - had a hand in the deliberations that led to the SEDRA CRI scoring. All CRI's are taken with a stethoscope for one minute. Basically the SEDRA scoring for CRI is one point off for each beat over the initial pulse, that is a 64/64 or less would get the full points, a 64/68 would lose two points.

We went through a lot of discussion if the CRI was really a valid tool for assigning points rather than more than a "pass/fail" and came the system used. Different CRT organization have different uses of the CRI. UMECTRA uses it one way, the IAHA uses it another way, etc.

In reality I think SEDRA has it right. Personally I don't see any difference between the ones below - except the last one 38/39 might lose a point but if memory serves me there is a provision for situations like this - low pulse within a beat or two - but I don't have the score sheet in front of me.


The Coles wrote:
I had posted this earlier, but go no responses, so I'm trying again...
At a recent Limited Distance ride I attended, we were asked a question by the Ride Vet (this was her first "endurance" vetting) regarding CRI's
We explained to her that the CRI was an indicater of cardiac recovery, and that the reflected values indicated "the fitness of the horse to continue" and that the ideal numerical values we to have the horse recover at, or below, the inital heart rate.
She then asked how to rate the following CRI's (all CRI's were done at exactly the 10 min "called for pulse" time)
This brought the discussion around to which one was the best.... The 58/52 shows the best cardiac recovery, while the 44/44 maintained, however the third horse at having an initial HR of 38 showed better pulse down rates. So, she was confused as to how to rate the values for High Vet (yes, we offer High Vet at our small rides in our neck of the woods).
Given that all other parameters were equal, and based on your experience:
1) How would you rate the three?
2) What would have been the best way to explain this to her (and yes I know, she should have know the vet manual front and back).

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[RC] CRI's, The Coles