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[RC] Platinum Performance - sherman

I know a few riders that use it. It doesn’t seem that there is any significant difference between their horses and horses that aren’t being fed PP. They still have problems, sometimes metabolic, sometimes lameness. Quote from the website “Platinum Performance Equine addresses multiple nutritional deficiencies and imbalances which are common in most modern equine diets.” It might be better use of the $$ to test for deficiencies, rather than spend $55-100 a month per horse for supplements they may not need. Regarding PP making horses “hot”, I’ve never heard that it does, but it has some some molasses in it, some horses may react “hot” to that. 
Does anyone use PP for their endurance horses?  Wondering if it's really 
helpful or just another froo froo expensive supplement?  Also, does it create 
an element of "hotness" in Arabs?  I'd prefer to avoid that.  =)  My horse's 
previous owner used to use it.  I haven't as yet, mostly b/c of the price.