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[RC] Girth Issues - Alan Kay

When I first met my Arabian (he was 7 at the time, now 8 years old) he had what looked like a tiny "cowlick" on his left girthline just back from his axillary (armpit) region.? As I began riding him with a neoprene girth, this cowlick turned into a bald spot associated with some dermatitis.? Various salves/remedies applied did not help.? I switched to a mohair cinch and, voila, problem solved for several months.? By the way, when his skin fully healed, the only thing left there was this little tiny cowlick.? Now, over the past couple of months, even using the mohair girth, the girth gall issue has recurred(hair loss, inflammation, swelling, pain).? By the way, the areas just lateral to his tailhead did the some thing the two times I tried a crupper (such a sensitive boy I have).? In addition to the inflammation in the left girth area, his right girth area seemed a tiny bit tender (but no visual abnormalities) after our last 50 mile ride.? His saddle has been professionally fitted and he has not had any back soreness even after long distances.

Here is what I've tried thusfar with no improvement seen:

1.? Bickmore's bright blue "stuff"
2.? desitin
3.? preparation H
4.? washing the cinch
5.? letting the site fully heal (other than complete hair regrowth) before riding

I'd be delighted to hear any new ideas.? Thanks

Nancy Kay