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RE: [RC] Mystery tie-up - Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF

Alfalfa hay is actually higher in Calcium and Mag than most other grass hays as 
well, so if you don't feed alfalfa currently, you might just try that once a 
day rather than expensive supplements.  Just another thought to piggy back onto 

Carrie Kitley
30th Medical Group, Vandenberg AFB
DMLSS Database Sustainment Specialist (DSS) 
CACI International Inc  www.caci.com
dsn 276-1077, Comm (805) 606-1077
fax dsn 276-1179
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You said:

And to give it some perspective, its happened twice out of 10 LD rides.  =
Thinking of what may have been similar in those rides - they were both in=
the spring and summer, as are the couple other times that occurred not a=
t a ride.  If it is hormonal, the regimate hasn't eliminated it.

You might want to consider Mg as the problem.  I believe there was an article 
in EN last year about low Mg levels in spring grass. If you are getting 
bloodwork done that might be another thing to consider.

You might consider simply supplementing with a big of additional Mg, it's cheap 
and that's easy to do.  There is a bit of a problem with just feeding more of a 
given mineral, though; they are competitive in absorption and utilization and 
'overdosing' one mineral can cause deficiencies in another.  However, I think 
now that the electrolyte and feeding programs are adequately addressing 
Calcium, magnesium may be the next 'weak link'.


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[RC] Mystery tie-up, tobytrot