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Re: [RC] [RC] Stupid Question :Canter - Dolores Arste

I can't sit in a half seat at canter because my knees will not allow it. So, my seat bones need to act as Truman has stated his feet do.

I ride with virtually no weight in my stirrups ever. I learned to do this
on my first 100 when at mile 30 my ankles gave out. They'd
collapse on every trot step.

Over the next 10 miles I experimented with what was gong to keep me
going while my wonderful horse just trotted down the trail.

I still post to the trot, and sit the canter. I do so with little to no
weight in the stirrups. So, I can tell you that you can do this
over the VT 100 CTR trails.

Think about balancing with your seat bones. And if you really
want to know how to do this you can teach yourself but you gotta buy
some stuff. And, it's great exercise for your core.

The simplest is to get a Balimo chair and a see-saw board with a level on
it. Sit on the chair with the see saw board under your feet and balance keeping
the see-saw board level. Then, simulate the movement of the canter.

But, the Balimo Chair costs $300-. So, I got a simpler method.
Get a balance cushion and wobble board from Jump USA. Here's a direct link to
the cushion page.

Put the cushion on a stool (I used a round mechanics stool that I got from Wal-mart)
You can also get it from e-bay (It's the one with the red seat)

Sit on the cushion with your feet on the wobble board and trot and canter. You'll find
that the only useful part of your body is your core and seat bones.

Take this new discovery back to your horse and see what he thinks.
It's really fun. And your horse will love you for it.



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