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Re: [RC] tying up mystery - reply to Dr. Weary - Cindy Stafford

Bruce - you ahd asked what she's being fed.  She's getting a mix of beet pulp and another feed (i'll have to ask my friend, might be perform to win or something similar??), minerals and the selenium that was increased a couple months ago.
You had also asked about her workouts. its a mix of long steady distance work and arena work (reining, such as rollbacks, etc.).  She seems to do better with slow warmups.  But it just seemed extra confusing when most of the cramping episodes were during a ride, and always slowing down for the vet hold, or during the hold after only 10 miles or so.  And that distance is not a challenge for her, compared to some routine training workouts she's had.
I'm wondering if it happens mostly when she's away, if it could be related to grazing on differnt (maybe richer?) grass then she's used to while camping?  hmmm...
And to give it some perspective, its happened twice out of 10 LD rides  Thinking of what may have been similar in those rides - they were both in the spring and summer, as are the couple other times that occurred not at a ride.  If it is hormonal, the regimate hasn't eliminated it.
Maybe there's a university that would adopt her as a case study :)  Although i've heard some great advise from this forum, so will be eager to try out the suggestions.
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From: Cindy Stafford
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008 11:01 AM
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: tying up mystery
Looking for some insight from all of you on this one, because we're stumped.  My friend's horse has a history of cramping up on rides.  The mare is in good shape, not high strung, is consistently ridden several times a week.  Text book endurance training, long slow distance.  Owner is experienced endurance rider, has other horse that frequently gets BC, so not a case of being ridden too hard too fast.  Horse pulses in very low.  But on occasion, she will cramp up in teh hind end coming into the first vet hold on an LD, or during the hold in line.  It's never been the big metabolic crash, with dark colored pee or compeltely locking up. Just stiff legs that can come off as lameness.  It has also occurred at home within 30 minutes of mild exercise, but very rarely,  Just most often at a ride.
The horse is frequently trained in parks away from home, so don't think the issue is being some place new.
What we've tried so far:
thoroughly researched ridecamp for ideas
Read everything from Susan Garlinghouse we can put our hands on
She has access to grass hay 24/7, and is turned out at night in pasture.  She is not overweight
She is currently on regimate (hasn't eliminated it, but may have helped?)
Increased selenium dosage (based on Susan's comments in ridecamp on this subject earlier this year)
Made sure to change up gaits during a ride, in case its just muscle fatique.  mixed up walking, trotting, cantering...
Kept pace during the ride very slow, has been ridden middle of the pack, back of the pack, etc.  Horse doesn't get anxious during the rides, very mellow.
So any other ideas of what to try?  Anything we've missed?  Or is this even a metabolic issue and we're misdiagnosing it?
thanks for your advice!