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[RC] What I know about Mustangs - sherman

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I also had the pleasure of knowing a mustang. She came to me unbroke at 8 yrs old, but had been in captivity since she was a weanling. After I gained her trust and started riding her she was a great trail partner. I didn't think she'd like endurance so passed her along (leased) her to a family in Georgetown, CA. I've thought about taking on others, but too busy with my endurance horses. It's great that people are willing to do this, just to get them started and made into a useful animal that someone will be wiling to spend $$ on and hopefully enjoy and care for to the end. There is still the problem of so many mustangs that are just not adoptable, the pens are full of horses with incredibly crooked legs, club feet, and other abnormalities. Big bucks are being spent to keep these horses in pens, yes larger than feed lot pens, but pens nonetheless. These are the horses that something needs to be done about. The funds that could be temporairily feeding captured "adoptable" horses is being  eaten up by the ones that no one wants, but that the range will not support. It is too sad to see the mustangs starving when there is no forage left for them because they have overgrazed or due to drought.There are just not enough rescues or sanctuaries to handle the massive amount of unadoptable horses. That's the reality.