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[RC] those "wild" horses (sorry OT) - Tx Trigger

I remember driving near the Utah, Nevada border West of Salt Lake City, during one of the long XP rides, and stopping the truck to watch a handful of "wild" horses running across the desert hills. It was breathtaking to watch, and something I will never forget. It was straight out of a movie. Then, a few miles up the road, I came to a spot that had these long feeders put out, with about 50 - 100 horses gathered around them, waiting for the feed to magically appear. The scene I had witnessed earlier that afternoon, was now over shadowed by these horses who were now dependant upon people to come feed them.They were not in corrals, but they might as well have been, as they just stayed in that area, waiting to be fed.  They no longer seemed "wild" to me. And the numbers were staggering, and this was just ONE area where the horses roam.  Survival of the fittest, no longer applies to the horses, as they were getting feed dropped for them on a regular basis. Why? Because otherwise they would starve to death, and the bleeding hearts just can NOT allow THAT to happen. So now, we have too many of these horses, they are costing a bundle, and the bleeding hearts again, get upset at the thoughts of some of them being put down. Why is that so horrible?  Without the horses wandering free, and since they are being fed, or in holding pens, they no longer have natures culling of the herds. Coyotes, mountain Lions etc. are no longer the threat to the weak, or to some foals, as these horses are not in the same wild situations.  We have protected them from nature itself, by capturing them, and feeding and housing them.  
Society screams no to slaughter, saying it is inhumane, and now they scream no to euthanasia. I just do not understand why that is such a horrible option. Better for some to be given one final injection, or a quick bullet in the head, than living their lives in some corral stuffed full of too many horses because they can't be roaming free, and no one wants to "adopt" them.