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Re: [RC] [RC] Horses and a Joy & PHOTO ACCESS - D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson

Great suggestion Angie.  I love My-endurance.net site.  It's easy to load, take care of, and keep in communication with so many Ride Campers from all over the world.  I too have not been able to get on there very much lately.  When I do it's such a joy to see the new pictures that everyone has posted.  The questions and answers back and forth.  John, I agree with Angie about the alpha listing.  I sure hope that won't be too much trouble to code into the site.  It would be really helpful.  There are so many pages of people to pour through now!   Isn't that a wonderful sign of a successful site.

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 4:48 AM, <rides2far@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey ya'll,
When I go to some of these Kodak or photo-bucket type pages it wants passwords, etc. Why don't all of you make a "My-Endurance.net" page? It's awfully easy and to me a fun reference. I was on there for the first time in a while the other night and was surprised how few ridecampers are on there. I wish you'd all make a page, with your full name in the members list (how else can you look someone up?) and just put up all these photos. Someday I'm going to want to show somebody Miss Kitty's white buffalo and I won't know where to find it again but I can remember My-endurance.net. :-)
p.s. John, wish there was an alphabetical listing of members. Then, wouldn't it be a deal if there was a way to search members by state or region or "within 100 miles of zip code" like car or horse for sale searches do. :-))))
On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 20:33:34 -0700 Ranelle Rubin <raneller@xxxxxxx> writes:

My boys are two glorious sons of the immortal DR Thunder Bask. If you don't know who he was, look up his AERC record. It speaks for itself.

Fellow: Age 9 (the grey in the pictures)

The ultimate gentleman, has really come into his own. He and I are ONE on the trail. He talks to me, literally ARGUES  with me..vocally...has this way of drawing air across his throat that is different than I have ever heard a horse do..it is a serious of little squeaks. He did this on day two of a Duck ride when he just knew we had to make a turn we had made the day before...only there was NO FOOD there...I kept trying to tell him! The lunch stop had been that direction the day before! I truly believe he just thinks an endurance ride is nothing but a buffet with a few miles between each course. When I walk out the door on the side of the house where his pasture is, he will come charging up to the top of the hill....just whinnying....I love it!

Ranger: Age 5 (the bay in the picture)

What can I say...my little boy..Fellow's younger brother... He came to me on a fluke..lucky I was able to quickly sell a mare I had sort of rescued to buy him. I swear this horse was meant to be my "retirement" horse. I rode him today..longest ride yet..trotted quite a bit as we were on nice soft footing with level ground...what an efficient trot this little boy has. He is still in that "just wait, mom, I will grow up!" phase..and he lets me know when his attention span is all used up. He is very vocal...especially today under saddle...it was a bit unnerving as we were out in the middle of a huge hay field with no other horses around...and he was calling "someone"....?? The cowboy I rode with today was quite impressed with him as it was trail day #6. He asked me if he was for sale...NOT!

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[RC] Horses and a Joy & PHOTO ACCESS, rides2far