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[RC] LD's - Fred & Cynthia Ross

From: "Jean Miller" <jeanmiller@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   LDs

      I just can't believe we are back to the LD 'discussion' again.  Having =
      started this sport in 1970, I have no problem with LD being the way it =
      is.  In fact, I am thrilled to have the miles count for year end awards. =
      I am thrilled to have LDs along with the 50s and 100s and multiday =
      rides.  I am glad that no points are given for LDs.  I have always =
      figured that this rule helps to keep the yahoos from doing in their =
      horses.  Not always true but it is certainly a big help.  

Well, at the last 50 mile ride I did, the winner did the 50 miles in UNDER 3 1/2 hrs. How much faster do you really think any LD riders is going to go then that? It it is safe to ride 50 miles at that speed, why all the frowing at riding just as fast on a shorter distance? You cheered and praised the 50 miler for running her horse an avarage of 14+ mph for 50 MILES. But do the same for a 30 mile LD ......... It sometimes blows my mind at the speeds the 50 mile (and sometimes even 100 mile) races are run in. 

I actually have no problem with things the way they are. I admit that I do not consider 25 or 30 miles "endurance" miles so to speak. I have done LD just for what they were meant to be. Bringing along a new horse or coming back from an injury/illness. But, to tell the truth, I don't think 50 miles is much harder then the LD's. I did find it a HUGE difference when doing a one day 100. So, I'm not sure why those two mileages are considered and awarded as "equal". 

And to me (and I'm sure many others) it doesn't matter how you award the points for the different distances. I can't be competitive in points anyway. I can't afford to travel far enough to get to enough comeptitions to get enough points to ever BE competitive! I've enjoyed all the distances I've done and am just grateful for every one that I am able to go to and the people that are willing to put on the rides and the wonderful people I've met at the ride. That is what it is really all about for me.