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Re: [RC] Cronin Ranch - Sheila_Larsen

Have you run into motorcycles at Cronin?  I hope not.  I hope you didn't
think that I don't agree with you about the rafters because I do although I
respect the picnic areas. I will say that I do like to have a place where I
can go and have my dog off leash as I can't do that at Cool anymore.  I
haven't run into packs of dogs, unless it is a pack of 2.  and the only
agressive dogs Ihave run into there are the ones on least (I think they
feel safe because they are still attached to their owners :  ) .  I too
have complained about the rafting vans going too quickly on the road and
scaring my horse and running over wildlife.  Poor little toad didn't have a
chance, ok I am partial to toads.  All the hunters I have run into there
have been very very polite.

I agree that we all need to live together and that we need to come up with
an equitable solution to this issue.  Again, I hope you don't think I was
dismissing your concerns because I agree  with your concerns and even
though we have had different experiences with the users out there I agree
we need to remain vigilient.

Horses lend us the wings we lack.  Author Unknown

            Lynelle Robertson                                             
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I agree that we all need to stay on the well traveled marked tails for the 
reasons you mention. I do carry water in a tank in my trailer but it would 
have been nice to let her drink. My whole point to the email is why do we  
have to settle for this when the rafters demand exclusive usage. I had     
several phone conversations with Jeff about people's packs of dogs running 
off leash plus the bow hunters and the cars and motorcycles trying to run  
us down while riding. He told me "It is BLM land and I can't restrict the  
dogs or hunters plus the vans that the rafters use are necessary to get    
supplies down to the river". Ok, why do they have to speed and not give    
right of way to riders?  Then why must we be restricted? Is this not a     
double standard. I believe there is more going on behind the scenes. I     
lived all my life in the bay area and rode Mt Diablo for over 2 decades    
and watched the government and environmentalist eminent domain the cattle  
ranch's 2000 acres reduced to 150 when it was willed specifically to       
continue as a cattle ranch for future generations of children to see and   
use. We were told at the meetings that the cattle and horses were eroding  
the ground. So what do they do instead of letting the cattle grazed down   
the weeds and brush they bring herbicide spray in and set  small back      
fires that got away from them and almost burned the mountain down. That is 
how I know that there is more to this and we have to stand firm. Sorry to  
go on so but it p.... me off again. I am just tired of the government      
telling me what I can and can't do. Isn't anyone else mad to?              
--- On Tue, 7/1/08, Sheila_Larsen@xxxxxxx <Sheila_Larsen@xxxxxxx> wrote:   
 From: Sheila_Larsen@xxxxxxx <Sheila_Larsen@xxxxxxx>                       
 Subject: [RC] Cronin Ranch                                                
 To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                
 Date: Tuesday, July 1, 2008, 8:41 AM                                      
 The issue is more than just water access.  I understand that the rafters  
 not want horses in their picnic area and I respect that and will not go   
 into their picnic area.  However, closing the trail that parallels the    
 river is overkill.  It is the prettiest part of the trail, has a breeze   
 is just down right nice.  Asking horses not to access the river except in 
 few places is ok provided they are safe places (the one spot I went to    
 didn't seem all that safe but I was told that I went to the wrong opening 
 at that access site).  I don't mind not riding along that portion of the  
 trail during the weekend but during the week there is no one there I will 
 continue to ride along the river.  The sign also says that the closure is 
 for riparian restoration which is another red herring.  There is nothing  
 wrong with the riparian area that will not come back with time and        
 certainly horses are not causing further problems.   I think what bothers 
 me most is that it was just done as to the best of my knowledge without   
 input from the equestrian community on how best to resolve the problem.   
 will say though that equestrians will not endear themselves to BLM if     
 continue to cut trail up an and down the hills.  There are some rare      
 out there that could be trampled.  In addition, these "social trails"     
 whatever you want to call them cause serious erosion problems.  Cutting   
 trail is a bigger problem than some may think and does cause hard         
 with land managers, so if we want to keep our trails we need to think     
 how our actions are viewed, and yes I think about that when I ignore the  
 signs and go along the river trail, however, I do not go into the picnic  
 areas.  The rafters can live with horse poop on the trail imo.  It is so  
 hot out there it dries very quickly so flies are not a big problem, at    
 least that I have seen.                                                   
 Horses lend us the wings we lack.  Author Unknown                         
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Re: [RC] Cronin Ranch, Lynelle Robertson