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Re: [RC] [RC] Fwd: [RC] Advice on trucks..... - Michael Lewis

I agree completely.  Diesel pickups should never have become the expensive luxury items they are now.  Vehicles in general are too costly nowadays... but WE keep paying the price...
I had a 1991 F-350 diesel that I loved.  No frills, but comfortable.  Heck, IT got 12-13mpg pulling my trailer (albeit had a lack of power, even with aftermarket turbo.)
Enough of the rounded body curves (expensive to repair) and other things that jack up the price.  Even stripped models are way too expensive.
Heheheh.  I hope to keep my '06 Dodge for at least 15 years.  At the rate I'm driving it, it will last 30.
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Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] Fwd: [RC] Advice on trucks.....

I lovc my 99 one tone Dodge with Cummins.....but no way would I buya new truck these days with fuel prices!  I got two bad hits last year that smashed both dually fenders....either way to fix by replacing fenders OR removing bed and installing flatbed would run in $3500 range...finally mdae decision to just drive it banged up....keep it going mechanically and wait it out for some kind of fuel efficient or hybrid truck......
If it got totalled, I would probably try to find the cheapest, used but running well replacement I could and to heck with how it looked....that's my statement to the automotive and truck industry.....forget the bells and whistles and luxury items......build us a TRUCK that doesn't such down $5 a gal diesel and gets 10 MPG hauling!!!
Anyone else feel the same way?

On 6/28/08, Maryben Stover <mbstover@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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Date: Jun 28, 2008 12:05 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Advice on trucks.....
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I have a '93 Dodge 3/4 ton super cab (no crew cab) ong bed with the Cummins engine.  (137,000 miles).  The transmission is 5 forward speeds.  I have added the Banks turbo and an engine brake.  I also added overload leaf springs to the back.  I have a Featherlight 3 horse slant with full LQ.  The box is 23 feet and the goose is another 8 feet.  I have hauled up some pretty steep two-lane roads (and down again).  I was told that the main difference is brakes and suspension.  The engine brake is the best.  I never have a problem stopping or feel out of control on steep mountain roads.................mb

On 6/27/08, Chipnml@xxxxxxx <Chipnml@xxxxxxx> wrote:
As long as there's some chatter out there about trucks, I'd like a little advice, since it seems I am unwillingly in the market for a new truck.  I was hit broadside about a month ago while coming home from a ride, and my truck is totalled.  Luckily, my horse, my dog and I all came through with no harm done, even though Dezi had to stand for over an hour in a trailer that had been pushed up and over the top of my truck and was tilted at a 45 degree angle.  Unbelievably, he stood calmly while the trailer was stabilized to keep it from tipping over, and then lowered down.  Then he calmly walked out and started eating grass.  Of my three horses, he is the one I would LEAST have expected to be so unruffled.  So now that the initial shock is over, I'm dealing with trying to get decent compensation from my insurance company (note: insurance companies are NOT your buddies, they will do everything they can to intimidate you and force you to make decisions that you're not ready to....I could go on and on about that), and when I do, I'll be looking for another truck. 
My truck was a 1992 1-ton Dodge dually with a Cummins turbo-diesel engine.  I would like to get another Dodge since I'm in love with Cummins, but am wondering if I really need a 1-ton (I got a really good price on this one when I bought it new).  I haul a 2-horse slant with a dressing room, but not built in LQ.  At the most I would upgrade to a 3-horse slant with a small "weekender" type LQ....but not anything bigger.  I did like the stability of the duallies, but am thinking I could probably get by with a 3/4 ton.  Any thoughts?  And if you want to see a picture of my poor deceased truck, I'd be glad to email you privately.  Unfortunately I didn't get pics at the accident scene, I was pretty wigged out at the time!  

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