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[RC] Horse Quencher - k s swigart

Jessica Raines said:

Am I the only one that just tosses a handful or 2 of beet
pulp with molasses into the water? My gelding will slurp
it right up and it gives him some food in the gut also.

Horse Quencher is but one of a multitude of things that you can toss
into a bucket of water in order to get a horse to maybe like the water
better and want to drink it.

Horse Quencher also happens to be one of the more expensive ones.

Personally, I vascilate between enticing my horse to drink by offering
it really tasty water or teaching my horse to drink what is offered by
letting it get really thirsty and then offering it something less than
perfectly palatable.

In the long run, I suspect that the latter is a better stragegy for
developing a successful endurance horse as the former trains your horse
to be finicky while latter teaches the horse to take what is on offer
when it is on offer because it may be a long time before you ever get a
better one, and horses that can learn the second lesson probably make
candidates for endurance mounts.  Certainaly they make for mounts that
need less strict management.

This does not, however, keep me from training my horse at home to eat
his "soup" (his beet pulp supplement is provided at the bottom of a
bucket of water), which he will lap up despite the fact that he as full
time access to water and therefore isn't necessarily thirsty.

As I said, I vascillate.

I don't, however, waste my money buying a product that is practically
the equivalent of 4-way grain only much more expensive.  I haven't found
it to be necessary to pay somebody else to do the experimenting for me
to discover what makes water more palatable for my horse.

Orange County, Calif.


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