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Re: [RC] [Consider This] Endurance riders told to clean up their act - Barbara McCrary

Usually, at an FEI/AERC ride, these are handled a two separate divisions and they are not competing against each other.  That is my understanding, anyway.  Could someone with greater experience weigh in on this, please?
Of course, once when we hosted an FEI ride and an AERC ride, I had one soreheaded AERC rider whine about how we, as ride management, were treating the AERC riders as "second-class citizens."  That certainly wasn't the case, but there was more ceremony for the FEI ride.  Oh, well.....you can't please everyone.
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Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] [Consider This] Endurance riders told to clean up their act

this is part of the problem though - when an AERC ONLY rider wants to go to a ride which may BECOME also FEI sanctioned, they are then subjected to FEI methods, at least w have been here at several rides. Personally, I do not think FEI methods allow one to best care for the horse; but that is another issue - at least it is unless a RM makes everyone jog to that tune. What if one goes to a ride which heretofore has NOT been FEI, now it IS - in order in most cases to bring in those riders - so now Joe Blow who has enjoyed that ride for years now will have to play by FEI rules. With a new horse coming up, I personally will not take my horse if I have to do so, at least not knowingly, since it is my first job to take care of my horse, not to conform to FEI's rules of presenting one's horse. 

So I guess my question is - given where we are at now, how will this be NOT implemented against the wishes of AERC riders when they go to such a ride? I for one do not WEAR collared shirts unless I am playing the piano at church:) - I surely would NOT sport one on a horse. FEI and AERC are indeed two separate organizations - but they have gotten far too cozy lately. Like many others, we got into endurance after DECADES of open hunter/jumper competition as well as Arabian Class A showing - too much regulation and bossing around and no fun. Please tell me that this will NOT be "here we go again!"

On Jun 19, 2008, at 10:49 AM, Barbara McCrary wrote:

 If an AERC ride is not also an FEI ride,

Sandy Adams

Re: [RC] [Consider This] Endurance riders told to clean up their act, Lynelle Robertson
Re: [RC] [Consider This] Endurance riders told to clean up their act, Barbara McCrary