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[RC] North Ga. riding buddies? - ladurgin

   Anybody riding;  Berry, Johns Mtn., Pinhoti, or Pigieon Mtn.? during the  week or Saturday  willing  to  do a slow ride and   show  me the  trails  or want a riding  buddy just  trying to get back in condition this  summer ?   Or  I could ride partway , then  you go ahead? I'd like to aim for  Talledeaga.Lots of  trails around here I  like to  learn  preferable with  company at  least once, I have asked 6 people already......
   I  got  one set of  walk only riders  ( like 20 ) once a month ( well, it's good for the mind, to walk  occasionally). (but no rides in  July or Aug.) I found  a lady who wants to ride a bit,we walked, but she was on a lame any one can ride horse and a saddle seat  saddle--(plus walking on a road  to get to the trailhead that has guard rails, and 3 ft. shoulder with cars that come by at  about  50 mph, and oh, yeah, the  18 wheeler pallet truck---I was handwalking  him ---- (I saw  the "Horse Whisperer")- R. has had  cars in pasture and drive by where we used to live, but  his  eyes got  BIG when the truck , which had  stopped  behind a truck who  slowed  everyone behind him. -A bay horse  in the shadows on a curve, though I had a white shirt and  orange helmet cover, didn't slow them  down much .) She said  something about riding her  Tenn. walker next time  'cause she could  keep up with R.  We  just walked  the ridge, but I had to  stop R. to wait for Frosty. I'd circle and let him eat, and  say  'lets wait for Frosty". After a  couple times  , he's slow  look for  Frosty , wait and  then I  didn't have to tell him  when to  go , because  if we  got even, Frosty would  quit on her. Frosty didn't want to lead either, which was fine, cause R. likes to lead.
    Did  I mention she said," you know there are bears around here?" while riding. I said, "oh, yeah, you are  further up the road where it's  wilder  on the ridge". Then  she mentioned the  "CAT"  rumours and sightings. We did  see  one  lonely  turkey. I didn't like  that  with all the rain, the access road up to the ridge had 3-4 foot weeds  and you couldn't see the road under .R. kept  heading for  occasional bare areas , cause he was sure there was a trail somewhere! We did  go into the  woods up on the ridge  some, but her horse was really sweating, and  footsore, so  we headed back. Short ride.
    Maybe her other  horse can gait or trot.....some.......

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