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[RC] - Lysane Cree

\You don't have to always share the same interests--you just have to really care about the other person and \make room in your life for what floats their boat.
Exactly! That is what I keep trying to tell some people who think that we're going to split up any second now because we are not glued to each other's sides 24/7. We each have our respective sports interests and respect the other's as well. We are both interested to know how the other has done or any stories, anecdotes, etc when one of us has been away. Sometimes we might be away one following the other and might not see each other for a few days (shocking!). But when we are spending time together, sometimes just sitting around talking or vegging on the couch is perfectly enough, no fancy shmancy elaborate outing needed (although that can occasionally be entertaining too lol).
I am sure that living with a horsey person can be quite exhausting at times in any case, given that outside of the 50 hour work week I put in at the office, a huge portion of my life revolves around thinking, planning, conditioning for the next ride, taking care of some new wound my horse has, making sure she has the right feed in the right quantity, hoof trimming her and a few others, etc. And then when it's not the horse, there is the dog with medical problems and the other dog needing sufficient exercise and all the family obligations etc. I would need a break from me too sometimes. hahahaha.
I don't think he had ever met anyone that was as passionate about anything as I am about horses, so it took a bit of getting used to and realizing I'm not actually nuts (there are others out there just like me and other non-horsey husbands who can relate to him), but I was always clear right from the start (you know, 'cause some people always ask what if...just to see where you stand) that there was no such thing as choosing between my horse and him....'cause he won't like the answer. :)  That's not respect if a person were to ask their partner to do that (not that he ever has).

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