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Re: [RC] Sweet Itch - BTW - Barbara McCrary

Butting in here....I'm a cattle(wo)man and I'll say those ear tags work!  We had young heifers that were contracting pinkeye transmitted by flies.  We clipped eartags in their ears and no more flies.
An interesting side note...starlings will walk up and down the faces of untagged cows, picking off flies.  The cattle seem to realize the birds are being useful and ignore them completely.  It's humorous to watch our two bulls, lounging around in their summer pasture after breeding season, chewing their cuds and having the starlings walking up and down their faces.
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Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 6:21 AM
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Do these tags work with flies?



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Oh, I buy the ear tags with permethrin (not the ones with other stuff that I do not understand) since I know that is what is in equine fly spray.  A piece of bailing twine (farmer's duct tape) works great to help hold the tag in the braid.

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> Subject: [RC] Sweet Itch
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> I just got back from a 2-day ride (Klickitat - awesome ride everyone) and my yearling colt appears to have a case of sweet itch started in his mane. It falls on both sides, but right now the middle is bald, itchy and wrinkled looking. Any cures out there that have been tried and true? The no-see-ums are wicked right now, I fly sprayed him last night to help keep him from getting more bites, but I'd like to "fix" the bald patch!
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Re: [RC] Sweet Itch - BTW, Rae Callaway