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[RC] ride meals - rides2far

> Eating is> going to cost me either way and it's extra bother if I have to bring
> and> prepare my own.

Here's an exerpt from the Biltmore entry form:

>>Friday evening dinner is included in rider fees.  Extra tickets are $25 for non-riders.

>>Super Saturday night hamburger and fixins dinner is available for $12/person and includes dessert/drink.

Notice the $25 meal is "included in entry" for riders. The entry fee for the ride is $200 for the 100 miler or $120 for the 50. (that's AERC entries, the FEI folks pay more). If my daughter & I ride and bring husband and other daughter to crew, it would be an extra $50 for the crew to eat...and wouldn't it be rude if we didn't invite them? If the "meal is included in entry" it cost our family of 4 $100 for a meal I didn't bother to go eat because I was busy setting up my vet check. I can have my chicken breast & noodles meal hot when we want it and feed all four for less than $5. Believe me when I'm paying $120 for a 50 miler, I'd love to opt out of a $25 meal.

One option I am considering is offering to my school's athletic dept. the option of selling meals at our ride. They have fund raisers where they sell tickets for BBQ plates for $5 and set up a Coke wagon where everyone picks them up on that day. If they want to do that I can let them take over the food and if anyone wants to purchase it with their entry they can.