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Re: [RC] Reminder about deadline for wt/region changes - Michael Maul

I was waiting for this response as something similar happened last year.....

I agree - it's not a rule in the wt division changes. It's a *policy* that's been there for a long time. I don't have any idea when it started. Perhaps Bob M or Randy know.

The effect of the policy is the following.

1. You don't have to change your wt class if you lose weight. You can carry weight to reach the minimum for the division. You are not required to do this but if you don't - you risk losing your points and miles for the whole season if challenged.

2. AERC makes it possible for you not to carry the extra weight by allowing you to change your weight division and picked mid-year as last time you could do that.

3. If you do change weight divisions, your points will now be in two different divisions and cannot be combined for year end regional awards. In principle - if you completed lots of rides and did well, you could have awards in two wt divisions.

4. If you lose weight after June 1 and no longer meet the minimum, you run a risk if you don't carry weight.

In reality - it usually matters only if you are in competition for the year end regional awards. It could affect another rider's points though if you rode infrequently and placed well but that's more a second order effect.

I don't think it really affects very many of us.


Diane Trefethen wrote:
bobmorris wrote:
Diane: Rule 8.7 has no reference to weight and changing of weight divisions
is not contingent upon the 1 June date. This date impacts regional status

I agree. That is my point. BUT WHO DECIDED TO APPLY RULE 8.7 TO WEIGHT? And on what authority? Given that riding light in a division is labeled fraudulent and the penalty is the loss of all your points and miles for the year, I would think that riders should be bound *only* by what the rules say.

NATRC has a rule about weight. Their rule says you have to ride in the same weight division for the whole ride year and if you lose too much weight, then "The minimum weight must be made up with dead weight, pound for pound".

FEI has rules about weight. You have to weigh in at 75kg for 3 & 4 Star events and 70kg for 1 & 2 Star events. No dates are involved. If your weight is too low, "...weight control must be carried out before the start".

And what is the AERC rule about weight? As I see it, our rule is Rule which says to ride in a division, you have to meet the minimum requirement. Period. No dates. No carrying weights. Just weigh more than the minimum. If you lose weight but want to stay in a heavier division, nothing says you CAN'T carry weights to do that. But nothing says you HAVE TO carry weights either. And nothing says you MUST ride in the same weight division for a whole ride season.


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RE: [RC] Reminder about deadline for wt/region changes, bobmorris
Re: [RC] Reminder about deadline for wt/region changes, Diane Trefethen