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Re: [RC] Reminder about deadline for wt/region changes - Diane Trefethen

Michael Maul wrote:
To all AERC members,

May 31 is the last date for region and weight division changes in the 2008 ride season. You should check what your current status is...

What rule specifies ANY time limit for changing your weight division?

Rule 8.7 specifies that if you move prior to June 1, your points and mileage will be recorded in the region to which you move. After that, your points and mileage will be recorded in your old region.

If in fact there is a similar requirement for weight, then what is the point of rules, 8.5.3 and For a rider to stay within a weight division he/she must meet the minimum requirement but need not stay under the maximum parameter.
8.5.3 Each rider riding for weight division points may be weighed at any ride. The AERC will disqualify any members found to have deliberately given AERC fraudulent information regarding weight, age or any matter affecting national or regional awards. No points or miles awarded for entire year.

If these rules mean that if you lose weight, you HAVE TO CARRY WEIGHTS TO LEGALLY RIDE AND YOU CAN BE DQ'D AND LOSE ALL YOUR MILES AND POINTS FOR THE WHOLE YEAR if you do not, why, for such an important violation, are the words "carry" and "weights" not mentioned anywhere in the rules? Can you get around rule and not be accused of fraud by putting on your ride entries the division your weight really falls in (even though the office apparently will record your points in your weight division as of June 1)?

A more likely interpretation of the above rules is that you have to ride in the weight division into which your actual weight falls, regardless of what day of the year it is... that is unless you can show us the rule that SAYS June 1 is a cut off for weight divisions.

I realize that having to record points in two divisions in a ride year means it would be almost impossible to win a weight division award, but remember, the above rules were written in the days before AERC decided to give out so many weight awards (or any?).

Diane Trefethen
AERC #2691


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[RC] Reminder about deadline for wt/region changes, Michael Maul