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[RC] Training at home was: 30 minutes - k s swigart

Bruce Weary said:

The fact that veterinary help is available at the finish line is not, again, 
in my opinion, a rationale for riding a tiring horse so fast that he cannot 
pulse down in 30 minutes. We should ride as though there is no veterinary 
help available all day--just like we do when we train hard at home. The 
winner is not the first to the finish line.<<

I have, on many occasions, trained sufficiently hard at home that my horse did 
not "recover" to some endurance ride like HR (e.g. 60 to 68) within 30 minutes. 
I often challenge my horses much more cardiovascularly at home than I ever 
would at a ride.  I have, in fact, been known to go out for training gallops 
where I run the HR up to 240+, something I would never do at a ride.

I don't take the fact that the horse's heart rate might not have "recovered" 
sufficiently to complete an endurance ride to indicate that the horse is in any 
kind of distress, nor do I take it to mean, necessarily, that I shouldn't ride 
the horse a step further because it is not "fit to continue, and I am generally 
unconcerned that "there is no veterinary help available" at least not, on site.

I would even be willing to ride such a horse for another five miles back to the 
barn if we were well out in the hills after I got done with this intense 
cardiovascular work out, and use such a walk back to the barn as a "cool down" 
from an intense workout.

It doesn't make any sense to me at all to compare training hard at home with 
what is done at an endurance ride; and this has nothing to do with the presence 
or non-presence of a vet.

Orange County, Calif.


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