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Re: [RC] Eventing's Classic Format - SandyDSA

In a message dated 5/15/2008 12:20:24 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, katswig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
However, it should serve as warning to endurance rides...trust me on
this one.  You do NOT (as in not, not, not, not, not) want endurance as
an Olympic sport.  Keeping "eventing" (if you want to call it that now
that it has been changed into a different test) in the Olympics,
destroyed the sport.

The Olympics would be the road to ruin for endurance.

Kat I agree completely with you on this. For better or most likely for worse, part of my degrees study included in depth historic study of sport, mainly amateur, and I can imagine Mr. Brundage would be rolling in his grave if he saw what the Modern Olympics had become. No, it would NOT be a positive thing to take endurance into a venue that is does not fit, cannot benefit from, and would then be just one more target for the animal rights advocates to try to take away the serene pleasure of partnering with a suitable - SUITABLE - equine partner for various sports. The good would be punished with the horrendous. No thank you.
Sandy Adams
Deep Sands Arabians

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