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[RC] ultium problems?? - Bagwell, Theresa - sherman


I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that Ultium caused any problems in the
horses just because it is part of the horse's diet. There are so many other
factors to consider. Maybe the horses were low on se, maybe they'd had a bit
too much grain or other cars in their diet (like the horse that tied-up due
to high sugar in the new hay), maybe.  Just because they both had Ultium
doesn't mean that Ultium caused the problem.  

Do get your horse's se level checked and if it's lower than an endurance
horse should be (.25-.3) do give a supplement. Don't depend on the small bit
of se that's added to some complete feeds, an endurance horse generally
needs much more than that.


Oh goodness...I hadn't heard anything bad about Ultium up to this point and
just recently switched to it for my endurance horse.? I just lost my
soul-mate endurance horse and am starting a new little horse and he is
eating Ultium.? I thought that I had heard somewhere that Susan G. had done
some of the testing with this feed too.? HMMMM.? I like to stick with low
NSC/high fat feeds and had been using Spillers (now seminole) saftey first
performance pellets and then their competition mix when doing rides.? I do
plan to have this new guy's se level checked this Friday when he goes to
visit the vet just to see where he is right now.? 
Just when you think you have it right....something else pops up to make you
have to re-think everything. 

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