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RE: [RC] rump rugs, etc. - Sheila A. Walsh

I am the proud owner of the best Christmas present, yet.  My son gave me an Arcteryx jacket made of the new generation of Goretex.  I have used it twice and have found that it keeps me comfortable vs warm.  This means that the harder I work I stay comfortable.  I can’t wait to make horse covers for my buddies with light polar fleece liners.  I am going to just copy my Weathabeeta design.  I just want a cover that makes my horse comfortable, not hot.


Sheila, snowed in, Flagstaff, AZ


No hour of life is wasted, spent in the saddle.  "Churchill"

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I have a rack in my trailer full of different coolers/sheets for different conditions. First, I don't blanket my horses at home, so they are fuzzy. I only blanket when they are ridden. I rarely clip, as my horses are typically shed out by the time I am ready to do any actual rides. N.CA is very wet, so we don't have many rides in winter. We have to go to NV or PS region to ride in winter. Last winter when I did Eastern Mojave, I did not clip, my horse was fuzzy, but by the time he was sweaty, it was warm outside..I did send a cooler to the vet check, and did use it.

At a ride, I blanket overnight before a ride if the temps are cooler than they are used to at home. I might use a light cotton cooler if temps are 20-30 degrees cooler, and a polar fleece if more than that.

I do use a rump rug at the start of a ride if the am temps are cool, or it is raining..pulling it up as the horse warms up.

At vet checks, (and after training rides) I will use a cotton anti-sweat sheet as a first layer. It is mesh and COTTON so it quickly wicks the moisture away and my horse dries.

If there is wind, I will put a light cotton sheet (or a wool cooler) over the mesh to keep the breeze off, but be careful you don't overheat with this combo

If it is raining, I will replace the cotton sheet or wool cooler with a waterproof lightweight blanket over the mesh anti-sweat.

The night after a ride, if there is no precipitation, once my horse is dry,  I will use a polar fleece, if there is, I will add a waterproof blanket

I personally prefer all my covers to be lightweight, so I can layer them according to conditions.

If you normally blanket at home, or if you routinely clip, you will need heavier blankets, but your horse will dry faster as a trade off.

For each horse I own:

1 Cotton mesh anti-sweat sheet
1 Light weight cotton sheet
1 Polar Fleece cooler
1 Light weight water proof blanket

I also have wool cooler I like, but somehow don't use too often.

I am always on the prowl at tack swaps for additional blankets, as about half of the ones I own have been bought that way.

I have seen horses overheat with heavy blankets, so be careful, and think what kind of layers you would want if you were wet in the temps present.

Hope this helps,

Ranelle Rubin, Business Consultant

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> Subject: [RC] rump rugs
> Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 20:58:48 -0700
> newbie alert... be gentle :) i'm getting with the rump rug but what
> cooler type sheets do folks use at checks/finish... i know tis
> weather dependent. Just looking for suggestions.
> happy trails
> cid and Gazi-man who likes to be warm and toasty
> GP
> gp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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RE: [RC] rump rugs, Ranelle Rubin