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[RC] RE:Blind Horse - Natalie Herman

<<Amongst the 25 horses that completed all four days of Death Valley Encounter two weeks ago was a blind-in-one-eye mare ridden by 16 yr old Julia>>
Yes, Julia is from my area and she was riding her (former...just turned 16 and this was her first unsponsored (and only 2 ride in general, I believe) ride...4 days! She did great!) sponsor's horse. This mare had no problems with her one-eyed-ness and she rode two of the four days with me and my friend. Great little mare:) She usually travels with "her man" (Julia's sponsor owns and rides a wonderful stud) and the mare was a tad upset leaving him in camp the first time, but then settled down for a good several more days of riding :)
I also know Katie Lydon and have seen her on her mare at several rides this year. Also another horse that has no problems with this disability and helped Katie to 2nd in the Ntl junior mileage championship this year! Horses can get used to even total blindness (but that takes a LOT of trust) and SO many seem to have no problem at all with a half blindness, esp if it has been present for a good part of their lives...
    Natalie (who wouldn't even hesitate to buy a half blind horse if all else is ok with it :) )

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming.... 'Wow! What a ride!' "

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