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[RC] Fw: Hello from The Long Riders - Tom Sites


Dear Long Riders and Friends of the Guild,
There has been such a rush of research, publishing and equestrian exploration during these last few months that it is difficult to know where to start. So allow me to begin with inspiring news from "Down Under."
When Australian Long Rider Tim Cope completed his historic 6,000 mile journey from Mongolia to Hungary, riding in the hoofprints of Genghis Khan, he was honoured by the Australian Geographic and American National Geographic associations. Tim's incredible story is recounted in a beautiful article, along with a bevy of other Long Rider articles sent in from publications around the world.
Additionally, details regarding the expeditions of the many other brave Long Riders who are either out on the road this moment, or have just completed similar important journeys, are also now on-line in the Long Riders' Guild's Spring News Bulletin .
We are also happy to announce the launch of a unique new equestrian exploration map and route planning system which has been formulated by The Guild's
Members. Using state of the art satellite technology, Long Riders are busy laying out new equestrian exploration routes across various parts of the globe, including a remarkable ride from Tunisia to South Africa.
There are many new Members in The Guild, including Tony Ilmoni from Finland, who rode across Central Asia to China, and French Canadian Marc Kempf, who
completed a 14,000 mile ride through North America.
Nor has The Guild's investigation into the Historical Long Riders gone unrewarded. A French prince who rode from St. Petersburg to Siam, a Swiss clerk who took his horse across the Sahara, an American president who explored Yellowstone and an equestrian explorer who was so brave that he inspired Jules Verne, all their equestrian exploits are revealed for the first time.
While the exploits of those brave explorers is welcome news, The Guild is happy to announce that after eight years of research we have documented the accomplishments of one of the most incredible equestrian explorers of all time. Not only did this forgotten Historical Long Rider ride the entire length of the notorious Outlaw Trail, this extraordinary English equestrian explorer also met Butch Cassidy in the renowned Robber's Roost. That incomparable story, along with a treasure trove of other Long Rider related research information and books, reveals for the first time how Butch Cassidy's equestrian links to exploration are finally being investigated and understood.
All of these stories, and much more, are available on The Long Riders' Guild's Spring News Bulletin -
Kind regards,
Basha & CuChullaine O'Reilly