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[RC] Burn Injury from Hot Ash - Valerie Nicoson

My mare rolled in still hot ash and has a weeping burn wound on her outer thigh.  We are keeping it clean and treating it with neosporin per telecom with the vet.  The area is increasingly tender since it occurred on Sunday, area is also quite warm to the touch, and hurting more for this mare to move as she is starting to drag her rear toe.  At what point should I have the vet look at her vs doing self-care treatment?  What more can a vet really do that we aren't? 

It appears it is not more than a 2nd degree burn with a diameter not more than softball size.  Think of hot gravel and that's what it looks like but from still hot embers within the hot ash. 

We had some hot fires going in the pasture to burn some old branches/brush/etc and didn't think a horse would roll in still hot ash.

Thanks for any advice/help.  I'm concerned that this could effect her hoof (laminitis??).