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Biltmore was a great ride.  A lot of fun and a lot of great riders.  Congrats to everyone.  Unfortunately,  I was disqualified from Biltmore because I obviously somehow got off trail on the last loop.  Merlin and I went out in first place on the final loop riding fast and taking chances.   I rode faster than I ever have, and if you've ever ridden with me, you know what I'm talking about.  I followed white and never lost sight of a marker the whole loop.  I had borrowed a cell phone at the finish line and called in saying that I never saw a spotter or a checkpoint, but they said there were none, so I came in, knowing something wasn't right. Stag asked me to go out with him later in a car and I convinced him and myself that I had ridden the whole loop.  Later in the day after much debate he and Cheryl congratulated me.  But later that night they came to my trailer and told me they calculated my time and it would be impossible, which I had to agree.  However, they considered the fact that the course may be short and sent someone out to check the distance.  But it was accurate enough that I should have rode the Derby instead of Biltmore.  I still don't know where I got off trail.  That was the first time I ever made it far enough to ride the white loop.  It was the right call by ride management.  After knowing all the facts, as bad as a DQ is, in my mind it would have been far worse to taint my record with a dubious win.  I ask everyone to please excuse me for not going to the awards breakfast.  I was just too embarrassed.  I'm supposed to be the brains of our team, but this time not so much.  On a positive note, Merlin is going like a horse possessed, and I am even more motivated for the AERC National Championship.  
Ed Kidd