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[RC] Biltmore - thermography - rides2far

>>>Can you tell us more about this instrument?
I'm not Mary, but Ken's always got his thermography camera with him. I think it cost $20,000 or so was the rumor back when it first showed up. However, last week my school had a small electrical fire and we got to waste an hour lounging around outside watching cute firemen (the girls proclaimed them as such) walk around on the roof. One of my male student's dad is a fireman and he pointed out the object hanging from one guy's belt and said, "That thing's worth $10,000. It detects changes in temperature.  So...if your vet doesn't have one, drive your horse by the fire department and ask for help. :-))

>>>What heat in their legs showed up?
You have to be careful. One morning pre-ride he looked at my horse and there was major heat in one foot. Turned out he'd just stepped in fresh manure. Also, it will show which side of your horse is in the sun. You have to watch for little things like that that may confuse you.
The picture you get in the screen looks just like the old Gatorade commercial where they showed the hot body with the blue Gatorade going down the middle.