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Re: [RC] Sick to my stomach - Chris A

that's the last horse race I'll watch. Barbaro and now 8 belles. I can't take it anymore.

bigthuddy@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Me too.   Poor poor little filly. sigh.............
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From: Kristi Schaaf <iluvdez@xxxxxxxxx>

> Since the majority of us on ridecamp think of our horses as family, I bet I'm
> not the only one sick to my stomach about what happened at the Derby. Until the
> Thoroughbred racing industry decides that racing babies is not ok, we will see
> horrible tragedies like this continue to happen. To think of a horse having so
> much heart to run on it alone when her legs are failing her just makes me bawl
> like a baby.
> Kristi
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Re: [RC] Sick to my stomach, bigthuddy