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RE: [RC] Grass versus dry hay - Ranelle Rubin


That sounds like a good regimen..good for you for figuring it out!

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Subject: Re: [RC] Grass versus dry hay
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 20:50:33 -0400

The feeding regimen before a ride that has always worked best for me, and Trinity seems to thrive on, is the addition of wet beet pulp andsome alfalfa cubes to the grain ration three days before the ride, and during the ride at the holds. He's on coastal bermuda pasttture 24/7. During the warm months when the grass is growing well he does not want to eat hay. The wet beet puld mixed with his regualr grain ration, and the additional few alfalfa cubes seems to keep his digestiive system on track. Adding carrots and apple wedges to the wet mixture seems to improve his eating in warmer weather. I add pro-biotics and electrolytes the night before, morning of, and during the ride. If his final vet scores are good and he is eating well, I leave off the probiotics after the ride, and give him electrolytes about an hour after we  complete to help replace what he lost if the weather was warm. He's fourteen years old now, and seems to be doing very well with this regimen. We did pretty well at Million Pines and he seemed to feel really good after the ride. 
Each horse is different. The best thing is to know your horse, find what works best for him, and stick with it. It took a little "tweaking" to get my regimen just right for him, and on my other horses I have to adjust a little because a couple of them are a little pickier about what they want to eat. Trinity will eat anything, including dry dog food if he can "sucker" someone into giving him a taste.
Happy trails and God bless you.

Re: [RC] Grass versus dry hay, Lucie Hancock