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[RC] electrolyes/colic/high HR - Steph Teeter

One other metabolic problem that horses can have ( other than energy exhaustion, dehyration, electrolyte imbalace) is simply overheating. Especially early season rides where the coats are often heavy, or horses haven't adapted to the heat (there are several heat dispersal mechanisms that horses can adapt such as increased concentration of capillary network near the skin surface).

Overheating is a very big deal in and of itself. excessive sweating in hot horses can cause dehydration and electrolyte loss, but another huge concern is simply elevated body temperature. A fit horse on a hot day can have over-heating problems, an unfit or chubby horse on a cool day can have over-heating problems too.


>>On Apr 30, 2008, at 12:27 PM, sherman wrote:

My daughter’s horse, Shadow, also had her first metabolic issue at a ride. It was the first hot ride day of the year, we kept HRs around 120 unless we were climbing, which we did at a walk. She was eating and drinking well, was electrolyed 1/2oz Enduramax powder (mixed with appleasauce) before the ride, at the 17, 30, and 40 mile checks, always on the way out so as not to interfere with eating and drinking. As we were leaving the last check and 30 min hold, we hosed the horses necks and shoulders, grabbed a few more bites of hay, then Shadow suddenly tightened up her belly and started doing a little stagger. We quickly got her to the vet, he detected no gut sounds, gave her a shot of banamine, and 15 min later she wanted to start grazing again.>>

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[RC] electrolyes/colic/high HR, sherman