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[RC] All Growed Up - melanie . o

Ridecampers, please forgive me while I crow a bit:
It was 5 years ago that a fiesty little red colt was born into my arms.  He leaped into the air and ran around the paddock, announcing his arrival to all.  He is now a monstrous 15.3 hands (what was I thinking?!) green broke, and yesterday he took his very first SOLO trail ride.  Sure, he's been out a few times in the past but always with a herd member, but after some nice work in the arena, I thought "why not?"
Now this "trail ride" only consisted of riding down to the end of our dead end street and around the large undeveloped tract beyond, then back and grazing on the neighbor's lawn while we chatted about the impending development at the other end of the street.  But here's what he saw on his first outing: a power plant, the juvenile detention center, the city bus garage & boneyard, old tires, plastic bags, beer cans, a feral cat, the river, condos, sheep, the neighbor's horse (who's feet were horrible <grrr>), and a monkey (yes, my neighbor has a monkey who tried to steal my watch when I reached out to pet it)!  Talk about mental conditioning!  All that and the only thing that he seemd to really worry about were the manholes in the street.  He got a little concerned at the midpoint when he realized we were headed home, but it gave us lots of practice at whoaing and backing until he walked nicely.
Needless to say, I was really proud of him at the end of the day!  We've had a few "come to Jesus" meetings in the past, but I'm feeling like he's really coming around and learning a work ethic, which we can start to utilize this summer.
Thanks for letting me brag, I knew you guys would understand.  >;->