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[RC] Bekki Crippen Update & Color challenge - rides2far

Update on Bekki below:
Reminder to all. The "Bekki Crippen Color Coordinated Challenge" has a virtual competition for bragging rights only!  Get a good photo of your horse with everything you've got in his colors and send it in some time *after* May 24...but be rounding up those photos now. :-) Bekki is really looking forward to seeing everyone's colors. She thinks she might even choose new ones when we find her next horse. To heck with who can push a horse to do amazing distances in rediculous times...this is we *really* care about....picking the right colors for our horses and accumulating amazing amounts of stuff in those colors! :-)) 
(From Bekki's Mom)
Thank you for ALL for your wonderful phone calls, cards, e-mails, flowers, food, and gifts all telling Bekki that you love her and are praying for her.  She has been showered with your affection and there is absolutely no doubt it has helped so much to get her and us through this part of the challenge.
Her surgery went very smoothly--her surgeon removed both breasts and all the lower lymph nodes on the left side.  She woke up almost immediately and was hungry!  She was never nauseated and was eating a soft diet by the next day and a normal diet the next.  The evening of her surgery she was sitting up in bed knitting her famous dish cloths and watching television!  During the three and a half days she was in the hospital she knitted over 20 dish cloths and handed them out to every nurse and caregiver that entered her room.  I think she must have been the favorite patient on that floor.
Since coming home, her recovery has been right on schedule.  Her drains came out on Thursday and she is slowly regaining her strength, but is resting a lot.  Today we went to visit her Grandmama Baumann and she was glad to get back and lie down.  The dogs have been wonderful; it's like they know to be careful.  Her poodle, Sanson, tried to climb up on her one time while she was reclining on the sofa.  We told him "No, you can't climb up on Bekki right now," and he has not tried since.  He comes and kisses her gently or places his paw on her leg and just stares into her eyes or brings a toy and puts it in her lap.  It is so, so sweet.  All the dogs have come and given her kisses and all have been very gentle.
Thursday we went back for the path results and learned that the cancer was only in two lymph nodes, so we are very thankful it had not spread further.  It is Stage Two and will no doubt require chemo and maybe some radiation.  We also learned that she is positive for the cancer genetic mutation, so that raises her risk of all cancer considerably and will play into the program they outline for her.
We are so thankful it was not worse and that it is treatable.  We are thankful for an excellent team of doctors and nurses and all the wonderful agencies out there ready to help.  We are thankful to you, our dear and precious friends for your kindness and love you have extended to Bekki and to David and me during this time.  We could not have been so brave without your support.  And most of all we are thankful to God for providing life and healing in so many ways to each of us every single moment of our lives and now, especially, to Bekki as she recovers and goes on with her life.
Love to each one of you,