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[RC] horse trailer cub cap "locks" - Maris Ramsay

I need advice on removing a wheel from the horsetrailer I bought.  I recently purchased a 2002 Featherlite 3H gooseneck.  Each of the 4 wheels has a hubcap that appears to be held on by screw on decorative lug covers.  When I unscrewed the decorative covers (they look like the other 6 covers that do not unscrew) then the hubcap comes off.  Under the hubcap, these 2 lugs are covered by large hollow "extensions" with a slot across the edge.  It looks like these need to be removed before I can get the tire iron on the lug nuts to take them off.  There is no place to put a key, so I don't think they are really locks, just a means for holding the hubcap on.  Anyone out there able to tell me how these come off?  I tried to send a photo, but the mail is rejected.  Email me privately if you think you can help, and I can email a photo
You can't get a deep socket over them as they are round, not 6-sided.  I tried to put a screwdriver across the slot, but didn't budge.  Nothing with sides to put a wrench on.  I am assuming that there is a special tool to get them off.  any ideas? 
I called the local Featherlite dealership (not very local) and they said that the previous owner's privacy is protected and they won't reveal any information about the trailer.  I called the previous owner, and she didn't know what I was talking about, had never tried to change a tire by herself.
Maris Ramsay

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