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Re: [RC] fuel costs and getting to rides, maybe we are the lucky ones?? - Chrystal Woodhouse

So has anyone else thought " wow how lucky are we that  our main problem seems to be rising fuel costs"  NOT " how are we going to eat tomorrow", NOT "who is going to hurt me tomorrow", NOT "who is going to win this civil war that is destroying my country"    etc.....
Personally though I am feeling the results of high fuel costs ( and yes that is **yuck**) :-( I think it is good thing, it will force North Americans to FINALLY be conscious  of what they are driving ( enough of the huge SUV's already) funny how many Europeans have family's with 2 children & manage with tiny cars all I hear is how a family in N America NEEDS a mini van to get their kids "stuff" i,e hockey equipment to places. It will make us  consider WHEN and HOW far we  drive.  The % of people biking to work in Toronto has skyrocketed in the last 2 years and I have seen more people in the horse world talking about sharing trailer rides/costs than ever before...... that is a good thing for the environment!! Sure I would selfishly love to see prices go down,:-) however overall can see that it might benefit us all in the long run.
So am off to get a second mortgage so I can fill up my van........................:-)  ( I have foster children I need a van:-))))

[RC] fuel costs and getting to rides, Kathleen A. Crothers