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Re: [RC] [theenduranceopen] horse x human = static electricity...help!! - Lori Bertolucci

Gesa, great idea, grounding yourself on the pipe. Never would have thought of that.
I never pull his blanket over his head, but no matter how it is pulled, it "bites" him.
I will do the Static Guard and grounding.
I did go out and spray him down with diluted hair conditioner yesterday. It helped some. Now today may be different, as the weather is terrible, and with luck, there will be moisture in the high winds, as there are definitely rain looking clouds. 
Thanks for the idea!

Gesa Brinks <gesasakhaltekes@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have used " Static Guard" and it worked pretty well.  Also I have rubbed myself with a used dryer sheet and the horse too. Seemed to work okay too.  Definitley spray his blanket with static guard.  When there is static electricity in the air,  do NOT pull the blanket over the horses head!!  I find that when taking the blanket off, it helps if I grab the pipe corral first as I SLOWLY pull the blanket off. That way Im grounding us.
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Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2008 5:29 AM
Subject: [theenduranceopen] horse x human = static electricity...help!!

Hi all.
Here is one I haven't seen mentioned before, and I really need some help. Our air is so dry that my horse has a major build up of static electricity in is coat. His tail really shows it. It is starting to get where I can't even touch him without shocking him.
Yesterday, I was trimming his hooves, under his back leg, and apparently shocked him pretty good, because he did something he has never done. He snorted, jumped out from under me and kicked me!  Just prior to that I had gotten a small shock, and pretty darned certain that is what happened again. But it must have been a strong shock for that reaction.
He was pretty contrite afterwards, even coming up to me with his head down to be petted. And even in that short of time I shocked him as I reached for him! Poor guy...Even his blanket shocks him.
Is there anything I can do, short of not touching him, which, of course, is not an option.
Is there any products made that I can spray on to him that will maybe last?
It is starting to warm up a bit here, and when it does I will try human hair conditioner on him, but not really certain that is good for his coat and skin.
Any suggestios?

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