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[RC] Trainer woes update. - ladurgin

   Hubby and I talked and I said I didn't feel this trainer was right for Scout.  The ,"he's spoilt" comment after he came backwards out of the  old small trailer----and the other comments  about  5 being too old to train, and  he had a 19 year old who could ride anything.(Scout had  some starting  with a JL trainer last year, but only got 2 weeks and the trainer was injured by another horse, so he only had 4 rides, which she said, didn't bother him at all). 
   I felt like it was 3 strikes against him before he even gave him a chance.
    So we called it off and are paying him for his time here. My husband said , the "trainer " didn't really want to  work with him anyway, he had already trained 2  5 years olds this year said  it was too hard, (for him). He offered to sell him a  deadbroke Qh. (that may be an option later--but first  we are trying to  help Scout).
     My husband  said, that even though he threw up his head a couple times and pawed the ground,he didn't feel he was trying to hurt anyone.
      I said, he keep looking at me for help, but I couldn't do it with  pressure around.
      Now I  know why people run ads asking for  someone who likes arabs and thoughbreds-- or to have a trainer come to their  place.
      I have another reference from the trainer who started to start him. Meanwhile I am going to make time  to work with him and if the house stays halfpainted  yellow on the front siding and  I don't get the extra pasture fenced this year, and the grass gets  long around the house,  so what! Humphf!  It was to make things easy for me, but if it is going to be this stressful forget it....
       Remember that scene in "National Velvet", where Velvet  rejected the  jockey who was making fun of her and her horse, and she  told him  she didn't want him to ride, because he didn't believe in the Pie, he'd  know  and and he wouldn't  be able to give his heart?
  Well,I am a 52 year old Velvet and I don't want somone who  doesn't believe in  my horse and trying to help him learn and bring out the best in him. Think I'd rather break a few bones if  necessary.....

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