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RE: [RC] Calming Products - heidi

Does anyone know offhand, if any of these ingredients are prohibited or
not recommended for any other reason?  They are the ingredients of Calm
& Cool Pellets. I used  them last night on my horse and it significantly
reduced his "attitude" when I loaded him alone in the trailer this am.
Also, he usually has a hard time standing still when we stop on the
trail, not today! I don't think I'd use it twice a day, daily, as stated
on the label, but might give one scoop the night before a conditioning
ride if there is nothing negative about it. 

Grain Products, Alfalfa Meal, Dry Molasses, Artificial Flavoring,
Thiamine HCl, Valerian Root, Black Cohosh, Passion Flower, Wood Betony,
Hops, Ginger Root.

For starters, just as a thumb rule, anything that has the kind of 
pharmacological effect that you describe has to contain SOMETHING that is 
pharmacologically active...

That said, starting with Valerian root, it contains various alkaloids that are 
anxiolytic, as well as neurotransmitters that are naturally found in mammals 
but that produce sedative effects when given over and above what the body 

Black cohosh was originally thought to contain estrogen-like compounds, but its 
mode of action is apparently the binding of the neurotransmitter serotonin.  It 
has been implicated in abortion and liver damage.  One compound in black 
cohosh, actein, is a vasodilator and a hypotensive.  Other compounds in it have 
other various pharmacological effects.

Passion flower contains MAOI alkaloids with anti-depressant effects.

Wood betony also contains various pharmacologically active alkaloids.



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