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[RC] Southern Cal Weather, Warner Springs ride - Nancy

In one word the weather here is wet, really wet.  I am in northern San Diego County and between late last night and now (almost 10 am) we have received about 2 to 3 inches of rain.  (The real story is I am unwilling to gear back up and go read the rain gage on the deck.  I can see with the binoculars the gage is almost half full! )  The rain is coming down steady with a moderate wind.  The hill tops are obscured by fog and rain. I have a fire going and the coffee pot is full.  I am thankful to have cleaned the drains by the barn and to have functioning rain gutters. My property is on the side of a mountain and thus I have no issues with flooding, just do not wish to slide off the mountain. 

The horses are on the bottom of the property in a flat area with good covers and mats.  All is well with them, but in about 24 hours they will be real tired of lazing in their stalls.  We are fortunate as we have several trails that take this weather well and thus we can get out and blow the beans out.  However, it can be a bit tricky getting to these 2 trails with so much rain. 

All that said, I was signed up to ride the Warner Springs ride today, but Jazzi has, again, developed white spots on either side of her spine just behind her withers.  I am unwilling to ride her until I get this fixed.  OK, I am not unhappy about this, in fact, I am almost happy to have a real excuse not to ride in the wind and rain in the mountains at Warner Springs!  Dani and I rode in the rain in September at Fort Tejon and I have no desire to repeat that experience.  Jazzi is young and I am old, so I have a real fear of injury to both her and I.  I have no desire to slip in the muck and freeze at the same time.  Maybe someday I will have forgotten the pain of riding (hiking) in the rain, like you forget the pain of childbirth, but I suspect that day is far off. 

I spoke to Jennifer at ride camp at Warner’s last night and they had about 140 riders in camp, ready to go.  I understand today, the rain is coming down, but those riders are hardier folk than me as they are out in it, doing an endurance ride. Good for them, but me, well I am happy to be home with the fire going and a good cup of coffee, looking at the coming years’ ride calendar dreaming of rides in far off places.

Nancy Reed

Lazy J Ranch

  In loving memory of Jerry Gradisher

  4/3/61 – 1-12-06

Elfin Forest, CA