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Re: [RC] FEI ETC - Steph Teeter

Sandy - the answer to your question regarding FEI and checking the course - there isn't a committee, but there is a 'Technical Delegate' person whose job it is to ensure a safe and fair course. They typically go to the ride site a little early, and work closely with the manager.

On a personal note - I really don't want to point any fingers though. The weather is such a wild card in our sport. IF it hadn't been so cold the glowbars would have been brighter. Once the sun was up we had no problem following the course. I'm not sure why the first hold was shortened so much - perhaps also because of the cold as well. This was a real problem/mistake in my opinion, but that alone wouldn't account for everything. There were a lot of lameness pulls - but the speed wasn't excessive and the footing was good. It's endurance. horses.


On Jan 4, 2008, at 6:54 AM, Sbolinge@xxxxxxx wrote:

From Stephs post it sounds like there were some issues that caused problems that could have easily been prevented, i.e., poor trail marking, not long enough holds and perhaps too far between checks. Not sure what they could have done about the ice in the troughs. Is there a committee or something provided through FEI that goes out and checks out FEI courses, etc., before the actual ride? If there is not, maybe it would be a good idea? Also, I still think the excellent completion rate at the Malaysia ride proved that when every rider is offered a great incentive to finish, the completion rate goes WAY up. IN Maylasia they rode according to the conditions to ensure completing...I know that sh## happens on 100 mile rides but Malysia proved that even in really terrible conditions, if you ride smart your chances of finishing go way up. It would be interesting to see what the completion rate is on 100 mile rides for riders who are riding horses for the very first time just for that ride.

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[RC] FEI ETC, Sbolinge