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Re: [RC] Back Surgery - Chris A

I can second what . Dr. Q has said from a patient's POV. About 11 years ago, I herniated two lumber disks so badly I thought I'd never walk again, let alone ride horses. But a combination of good chiropractic and physical therapy and I was back to my life in a few months.... about the same recuperation time as if I'd had surgery.
then a few years ago I did the same thing to a cervical disk. again, I opted for chiro and pt and recovered and only missed two rides that season.
I know it's not a small matter. The pain from disks bulging onto nerve roots is intense and hardly abated by pain drugs.
Each person's case is different so I'm not about to dispense medical advice and tell someone what to do. But I can say I'm thankful I opted to heal myself without surgical intervention.
I'm lucky in that one of my best riding buddies is an MD, a physiatry specialist. She reviewed my neck MRI and told me no self respecting surgeon would recommend an operation for my case (even though that had been recommended to me).
I'm a firm believer that in most cases, our bodies want to heal themselves if we give it a chance.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is. - Albert Einstein, physicist

Chris Anton
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[RC] Back Surgery, Bruce Weary