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[RC] renegades - professor marie

Re some questions-- Renegades have been  quietly tested for a few years now. Prior to that Kirt and Gina tested the boots themselves --not wanting to subject the "public" to possible horse wear and tear during development--something I experienced during the development of another brand of boot--and I was not a "tester" for that company. I paid for boots and had to treat the wounds of my horse. I respect the Lander's integrity with their choices during development.

Someone asked why I like the RB 's and how long I have been using them.  I am not a gear person. I hate boots that are hard to put on and take off. The RB goes on in seconds. I have been using them for approx 2 ?? years now (I have not kept track of the time).  I am one of many testers--including people in other countries. The earlier models lacked tread needed for wet conditions and would come off uphill at a fast trot under wet conditions. Even then, it was seconds to put the boot back on. Testing boots was hard for me only in that I had to get on and off my horse to quickly put boots back on--and sometimes I carried 4 extra boots BUT--even then there were NO RUBS and my mare did not get hurt. That is a priority for me.

The RB's' have been improved and I (and others) have ridden them in wet, mud, etc. They stay on, they grip the ground, THEY DO NOT RUB, they are EASY and FAST to put on and take off, and effortless to clean up--even foxtails do not stick to the heel liner.

Hope this info helps.

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