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RE: [RC] [RC] question from a flatlander about rein contact on hills and in a snaffle - Jennifer Adam

Also, Jennifer, look up to the top of the hill, where you want to go, rather than down at the ground. Project you and your horse over the top. Same as jumping. Look beyond the jump, where you want to be, not AT the jump. It really does help.

Jonni in TX

Hi Jonni -
Thanks for the advice - funny you should mention looking where I want to go rather than down, because I used to have a *terrible* habit of always looking at the ground when I got to uneven terrain! :X Then I got this big Paint horse several years ago and he was so funny about it - one day I was riding him through a kind of twisty, up and down dry creek bed on a friend's property and I kept watching the ground because I was afraid he might get a stone bruise or stumble. Well, it didn't take me long to realize that the more attention I paid to the ground, the *worse* he was! He would pick his way across the rocks like a baby and catch his toes and just be as clumsy as you could imagine - BUT when I got to talking with my friend and quit paying such close attention to the ground - voila! He was perfect! It was a good lesson for me! Your point is well taken - believe me, I'll keep it in mind!

Thanks again -
Jen (always learning!!)

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[RC] question from a flatlander about rein contact on hills and in a snaffle, Tx Trigger