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Re: [RC] Scar tissue/infection - vet advice - Mary Boulware

I had a horse years ago that did the same thing on the back of a rear leg 3 days after a competition even though there had been no visible damage before the tiny pin sized hole and some discharge appeared.  I also applied the furazone wrap like Don mentioned and have had great success with in the past and Vet asked me to try this for a couple of days and if that did not draw anything to get it x-rayed. .  After a few days of this and hosing the area it would still have discharge so was about to call Vet. as I was sure there may be some kind of foreign body in it.  Then a friend told me to try shredded onion compresses.  The very next day when I removed the onion wrap there was lots of discharge on the bandage, gave the wound a squeeze and out popped a very small cactus prong!  True it may have eventually come out but probably not without some dissecting and may have migrated the other way into tendon sheath.  Healed well after this.  We use onion allot now on wounds and find it really draws well.
Don Huston <donhuston@xxxxxxx> Wrote:

Hello Lysane,
I have dealt with several bad leg cuts that were infected. This is
what a vet told me to do and it has worked very well for me. Put a
thick coating of "Furazone" or "Furaseptin" (thick yellow stuff like
Vaseline but water based) all over the wound, wrap it with plastic
wrap (not tight) then wrap a paper diaper around it and secure with
vet-wrap (firm). Leave it on only 24hrs. Remove and hose the wound to
remove any loose scabs and make the wound start to seep blood. I let
the horse stand until the leg  is dry (otherwise the Furazone will
not stick on long enough to re-wrap) and then repeat until the
swelling and pus are gone. When a hard spray of water hits Furazone
the stuff foams like soap and cleans off completely leaving no
residue. Once it appears to have no infection I smear on the Furazone
and do not wrap. The wound gets lots of crud in it and I hose it off
every day and reapply Furazone and they always heal very nicely. The
really bad infections also get 3-5 days of Penn-G @ 20ml twice a day.
That's a big shot and I do not use cold Penn, I keep the bottle at
80F while giving shots then discard it (do not keep it, get a new one
for next time) and rotate the shots around the horse's body, neck and
butt on both sides.
I know your problem is less serious but the Furazone wrap might help
draw everything out. Good luck.