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Re: [RC] You know you're an endurance rider.... - jamie ward

your horse is worth more then your truck/trailer
your shoe's have holes in them but ALL you horses have a brand new pair
heidi larson <ribbitttreefrog@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
when it's near Christmas and you're considering a new horse
so you can have a back-up!!

when Paddi at CTH has a sale and you "have" to get
something new, just because your horse "must" be tired of
his current colors!

heidi and Kalasha+

--- Cindy Stafford wrote:

> You know the jokes, "you know you're a redneck when..."?
> Well, does anyone know if someone's done the same thing
> for horses or endurance riding? Think there's plenty of
> jokes sitting out there waiting to be discovered?
> Any suggestions? Some girlfriends and I tossed this idea
> around at dinner the other night. Came up with:
> You know you're an endurance rider when...
> you can list 10 different colors to describe your horse's
> pee
> you know more about your horse's nutrition than your own
> you know your horse's resting and working heart rate, but
> dang it if you can think of the last time you had your
> blood pressure taken
> you think nothing of preparing a dozen different
> ingredients for your horse's mash, but a 3 course meal
> for you consists of a banana, a snack bar and a gatorade.
> any others?
> Cindy

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Re: [RC] You know you're an endurance rider...., heidi larson