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[RC] ...doesn't get much better - Steph Teeter

45 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic in Buenos Aires, grabbing a cafe con leche at a noisy cafe (with free WiFI), and waiting for an appointment with a dentist :) I dropped John off 5 blocks from the dentist office because he could walk those 5 blocks faster than we could drive a half block.

It's really an amazing city (Buenos Aires) - one of my favorites I think. and even though going to the dentist is one of the least desirable things I can think of, the dentist we've been seeing while here (catching up on all that dental work that is much more affordable in Argentina than in the USA) is absolutely amazing. We met Dr. Michelet through Miguel Pavolovsky who has a clinic (hematology, oncology) a few blocks from here, he knows her because she's head of the dental oncology (dentistry for cancer patients who often develop gum/tooth problems from chemotherapy) and she and Miguel often share the same patients. She is incredibly skilled, and so kind! I've never had a dentist be so careful, and so apologetic about any discomfort her patients experience!

I'll write my Argentina National Championship story soon - Mercedes Tapia and Eduardo Beccar Varela and the amazing Cazon Endurance Village.

But the whole Argentina story is still developing. Tomorrow John will fly south to Patagonia with Miguel and Celina - where Miguel has been invited to a ride outside of Bariloche - it looks beautiful. The ride goes around a lake, in a valley nestled among the Andes Mtns, not too far from the Chile border. And I'll fly north to Uruguay for the Rocha CEI*** - on the coast of Uruguay, east of Punte de Este a popular beach resort. Raja Mahmood and several riders from Malaysia will be there, trying to find 160km horses, hoping to ride a horse to completion in CoC time. They are now fully focused on the 2008 WEC. Malaysia is allowed 12 riders (as host country - an allowance which will no longer be after this WEC) and I don't think they have a single WEC qualified rider at this point. To qualify a horse and rider (together) must have 2 160km completions, within the CoC time of 12km/hr (13:20) and one of those has to be within 12 months. Several Malaysian riders have one CoC - but none that I know of have 2, on the same horse. Now they have 12 months to qualify 12 riders and they are in full swing mode. This ride in Uruguay, another ride next week in Chile, another ride in the USA at the end of the month (New Mexico) - and then ... whatever it takes!

time to finish the coffee and then off to the dentist! John should be done about now, and then it's my turn again :)



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