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RE: [RC] dogs and horse wormers - Pam Bailie

We also had a similar experience – fortunately a young dog and we found out something was wrong the next morning on our run.  It was one the scariest things we have seen.  It wasn’t obvious when we left but by the time we got home he could not see and was staggering.  My home husband rushed him to the vet and he was treated and stabilized.  The young vet scared my husband to death by warning him of all the possibilities – Thank god for the older more experience vet (and large horses who get all of their wormer) who called later that day and said Maestro would probably recover.  So everyone be careful and watch out for flavored wormers – I don’t think they fool the horses but dogs…………………….. Pam Bailie


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Just a reminder that wormers can kill your dog no matter what breed.

My 100 pound dog almost died from horse wormer.

It was a few years ago but I thought I should post again.

My hubby wormed the horses. Sid was mad so Dave gave him a cookie to make him happier. Sid spit out the cookie, the dog grabbed it. A few hours later Buddy was panicking and blind. He got less then a teaspoon.

Rushed to the emergency clinic and 2 days in intensive care he survived. The vet said we were lucky. Had Dave not acted so quickly the outcome would have been different.

The wormer "Quest" attacks the nervous system. First symptom Blindness. Any wormer can cause a problem.

He is an old dog and it took him months to get over it.


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[RC] dogs and horse wormers, CTH