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[RC] what kind of car is my horse(s)? - Kathie Ford

Oh this is a fun thread so instead of lurking I have to jump in. By the way, hope all had a safe and nice Thanksgiving!
To be fair I will describe my "immediate" horses but not my daughters'...so here goes.
Anyway, my big mare Spirit, my beloved 1st horse,  a TB cross, rides like a "Cadillac" fleetwood, smooth ride, nice to look at, and regal...
Cira, my endurance mare would be my Ferrari, point her down the road/trail and she goes...wheeeee!! AND handles well :))
Maverick, my husbands horse and all around "anybody can ride" gelding is a Mac Truck, big, clunky, slow, but steady and dependable and kind..
Lilli, my beh shah mare is an "undiscovered" model of mixed auto maker designs that is build well but unproven thus far!, (hehehe)
(also like a box of chocolates..never know what your going to get!)
And Miss Rosie would be my jeep.  Steady,dependable, agile, but fun and spunky at the same time! 
And Farah, my cougar rock, bezatal, rushcreek bred little mare, would be my porshe (sp??!!) Streamlined, will take on the road (or in this case, trail) tough, and goes!
This was fun!
Hope others jump in! :)

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