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Re: [RC] What kind of car is my horse... - Maryanne Gabbani

Been reading those with a lot of laughs. I suspect that I'm running a
used car lot here. Just got a new recruit last week. An ex-endurance
gelding who is very nice looking (has an old tendon injury on the left
hind) but has never seen a water pump, a water buffalo, or a donkey
cart. Bomb-proofing is going to take a little while. I'd say he's a
street racing car that's lacking a muffler...gotta get the boy
civilised. With sixteen horses on site, I'm not going to go through
them all, but there are some that I know right off the bat. Bunduq's
been known as the Hummer for years: short, square, not that pretty and
goes anywhere. Nazeer is a Lincoln town car, comfortable, quiet and
reliable. Our big black mare Lily is like one of the old Checker cabs.
We have Lula the mule, George and Margarita, donkeys who are
definitely nice little pickups...not the big double cab kind
either...more like Toyota's. Dory is a classic Porsche complete with
convertible top.  And there are a bunch of little motor scooters
around these days...three foals and counting.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

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